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LaMetric TIME + LaMetric SKY (8 panels)

LaMetric TIME + LaMetric SKY (8 panels)

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LaMetric TIME
The internet-connected clock makes your space unique with charming clock faces, shows smartphone notifications, creates music atmosphere with the dance of pixels, expands functionality with LaMetric Market apps

- Always-on, standalone Wi-Fi smart clock for home or office
- Displays smartphone notifications
- Apps on the device: Clock, Weather, Radio, Timer, Stopwatch
- Internet Radio / Spotify Connect / Bluetooth speaker / Alarm clock with music 
- Compatible with LaMetric Market apps from independent developers
- Dimensions designed to fit any shelf, bedside or desk 
- 37х8 white scrolling display with the 8x8 color icon at the left 
- Ambient light sensor, automatically dims at night
- USB power adapter with US/UK/EU interchangeable plugs
- The stationary device that doesn't contain the battery
- 3 steps easy setup process via iOS or Android app
- Works with IFTTT, Homey, Home Assistant, Slack, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
- Local API

LaMetric SKY
Stained glass-inspired mosaic light surfaces that are aimed to decorate your wall with meaningful shapes, light up your room, brighten up the mood with breathtaking visuals, and motivate with social media counters, sales figures, and more. The World's most versatile smart lighting product ever created.

- Lighting, breathtaking visuals, wall clock & info screen at the same time
- White triangle LED tiles
- 64 independent color zones per tile
- Modular design (system supports up to 16 tiles)
- 4 assembling methods: corner to corner, side to side, corner to side, half to half side
- 16.4 million colors
- 5 built-in visuals: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Rainbow
- 2 built-in apps: Clock, Message Board
- Surface styles
- Dynamic & vibrant visuals due to powerful controller
- Setup and configure via iPhone / Android app (brightness control, effects, apps, integration with voice assistants and LaMetric TIME)
- Supports auto-brightness in pair with LaMetric TIME (sold separately)
- Supports DIY or ready-made shapes from LaMetric Mosaics 
Compatible with LaMetric Market apps/effects from independent developers
- Works with IFTTT, Homey, Home Assistant, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
- Local API

Includes 8 SKY panels:

- 1x LaMetric SKY Starter Kit
- 3x LaMetric SKY Extension Kit

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